RACE: Light Dragon

AGE (in human years): 19

FIRST APPEARANCE: Draconia 2003 Calendar




A Light Dragon whose lineage has served the throne for ages, Chiara is the first to do so as a member of the Queen's court. Her mother Azure once served as nanny and protector of the Queen’s daughter Lumina, but her life was cut short when the heiress of the Dragon kingdom was kidnapped by Tigerbreed. Since then, Chiara has vowed to find her mother’s killer and fulfill her desire for vengeance.

With such feelings in her heart, Chiara is truly a force to be reckoned with. She spends much of her time with fellow court members Red and Schaddig, the only two she truly trusts or feels close to. A good portion of her time is also spent looking after Princess Lumina, however, following in her late mother's footsteps.

Never one to back down from a fight with Tigerbreed, Chiara is most commonly found volunteering for any mission that requires infiltrating Tiger soil – in the hopes that she will one day meet the target of her revenge…


Chiara is a fun character with multiple layers to her personality. Fun and nurturing on the outside, she harbors a deep-seated pain in her heart.

Chiara (pronounced kee-AHR-uh) was the first dragon designed with ram-style horns, which was inspired by a commissioned drawing done at a convention in early 2002 where the fan requested a dragon with round horns. The end result was so appealing that Danny decided to make at least one of the new dragons to be introduced in the Draconia 2003 Calendar, have circular ram-style horns.

Chiara's role in the web comic hasn't been very big so far, but she's got lots to take care of in the future. Expect some big things from her.

The name "Chiara" is Italian for "light-colored" or "clear". The name first arose from the artistic term chiaroscuro. Since we already had the "oscuro" part of that covered by Queen Oscura, we figured we could name a character after the other half of the word.

Lord Rozen's Comments:

Seems to be able to avoid death quite well, seeing as she's done so on multiple occasions.